Rustic Finish, Farmhouse finish, Heavily distressed, French country, Cottage finish

vintage painted farmhouse rustic table, country cottage, shabby chic distressed, new york, new jersey, ny, nj

rustic vintage painted farmhouse furniture, table, shabby chic handpainted distressed, new york, new jersey, ny, nj

There has been a trend recently for a "rustic" finish. We used to call this heavily distressed or second color undertone. We achieve this finish by painting one color underneath and then a lighter color as a top coat. We then work slowly and lightly, sanding off many layers to expose the second color underneath. We used to call this "second color undertone" but then we noticed the latest trend was to call it rustic and some may call this "farmhouse". Please see pictures and let me know if you have any questions.

rustic, french country, farmhouse french provincial

duck egg blue, creamy white, rustic, heavily distressed, french provincial, french country

rustic, country, heavily distressed, farmhouse, dresser, bedroom

vintage rustic, dresser, chest, farmhouse, cottage

rustic farmhouse, french, dresser, chest, heavily distressed

vintage rustic, farmhouse, heavily distressed, dresser, chest, bedroom

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